Almost Living (but not dead yet)

from by Wedding in Hades



Almost living (but not dead yet)

Among the ones who close their eyes on me
Among the fools who cannot hear me speak
And all of those who point their fingers at me
They’re almost living, they’re almost dead
They’ll never know that once I tamed the fear
I felt the cold death crawling down my spine
I worshipped the black Lord, I spilled the blood

I walked along the tunnel
Crossed the pure and blinding white light
I’ve been there to find that Eternity was just a lie

I burned each cross raised upon my path
I hated every male and loved every female
I planted the seeds which poisoned the ground
I made the apples rot in the Garden of Eden

I woke a dead sun and made it shine
As a billion of sparks
My vision sees beyond ultraviolet
And beyond infrared


from Misbehaviour, track released April 30, 2012
Lyrics: S.Toutain
Music: S.Toutain



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Wedding in Hades Saint Brieuc, France

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