by Wedding in Hades



"The second album from French band demonstrates musicians’ progress in composing and technical aspects. Melodic and, at the same time, heavy «Misbehaviour» is filled with beautiful guitar solos, passages to aerial acoustic interludes and clean vocals, and violin parts performed by guest professional artist. Dark beauty of this album will become a perfect present to every fan of sensual heavy music. Finally, high recording quality highlights every feature of Wedding In Hades music."
Solitude Productions - solitude-prod.com

Total running time: 56:42
Label: BadMoodMan Music (BMM050-12)

S.Toutain – Vocals, Bass, Acoustic & Nylon Stings Guitars
V.Lahaeye – Drums & Backing Vocals on #8
O.Raoult – Keyboards
D.Simon –Rhythm & Lead Guitars

Additional Musician:
Marie Clouet – Violin on #1, #4 & #7


released April 30, 2012



all rights reserved


Wedding in Hades Saint Brieuc, France

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Track Name: Forsaken

If life needs a purpose you used to be mine
I used to depend on you

But you have forsaken me
You have left me for dead and let my soul flee
Forsaken me in my hours of need, I begged for mercy
Forsaken me when I lost the will to be
Forsaken me to my own destiny
When I needed you beside me

My heart was tinder as your words shone
To ignite the fire that used to warm my soul
You were the promise of a sparkling dawn
Defeat the demise and spread life around

From devotion to oblivion
In my darkest hours, through the riddles

Wandering around to feel your heart beat at my side
To soothe my pain and sorrow

If my faith should stumble and fall
Do not blame me

Through stained glass eyes I’ve seen the lies
I was the product of a deadly device
Undone I was, an unborn child
A gift on the altar of a blessed holy liar
Track Name: Men to the Slaughter
Men to the slaughter

Lost in a landscape too tough to tame
I sink into the unknown further and alone
A shape in the dark I’m bound to be
A name on a stone, a wandering soul

Shoot to kill, shoot to kill
(Another daddy’s missing)

I’ll claim back to you my broken dreams
When my destiny will be fulfilled

Man creates men to the slaughter
Failure ain’t allowed but my death is a fate
In a living hell, conditioned to obey, all my thoughts have been erased
Amidst the corpses I shall walk without knowing the shame of such behaviour
In search of another innocent one to slay until I fall forever dead

Oh my God I hate myself
For what I’ve done I hate myself
Track Name: Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping beauty

So beautiful, so fragile
So pure when you are asleep

If your life was so meaningless
Then why were you so afraid?

I’ve seen in your eyes
The reflection of fear
While you felt the blade
Deep into your flesh
As if your skin, as if your skin
Perspired your own blood
A warm crimson sweat
Drowned forever in a deadly dream

Surrender of the mind
Like a slave to the grind
Or the curse of The Jade Scorpion
Justified your retribution

Whatever were your sins
I granted my blessings
Darkened your future
And turned your pride into a failure

A lethal submission
An evil jurisdiction
A devil’s demonstration
An atrocity exhibition
Track Name: Dust in a Stranger's Eyes
Dust in a stranger’s eyes

Stumbling along the edge
Behold your face!
It belongs to a stranger

Come to me and rest in my arms
We’ll pretend even just for one night
What is lost can never be gained anymore

Forsaken by Angels, addicted to their dust
Cursed by the poison that runs in your veins
Now you can’t deal with the cards you’ve been given
And your wild cards have been played

Between Scylla and Charybdis
She never gave you what you need
But a new dawn rising
In the tiny narrow space between
The needle and the spoon
A frozen tomb under the Moon
Track Name: Regrets

To writhe in pain in my former condition
Beyond the gates of oblivion
From the coldest place where I was laid to rest

To rise from the dead and claim again
A life-long day or an hour to spend
A dust of time, a blink of an eye
This would be my golden opportunity to reach thee

Ain’t begging for redemption or compassion
But memories are aching for eon

My soul is shrouded in regrets
So let me utter this irrelevant statement
In order to erase them all

But my cowardice was blinding me
Like the brightness of the moonbeams
Shatters the blackness of the night
Track Name: The One to Blame
The one to blame

I’m the one, the one to blame
The only witness of my decay

I’m the one to blame

I will be damned for each promise I made
Which I betrayed and each lie I said

I’ve never felt so confused
Torn between life and death
Am I a lord or a slave?
Now I have to decide

How fucking dark was the divine light?
I was lost in my stupidity
I was too blinded to see

I believe that nothing can save me
Except a rope or a gun
I’ve always been a mean man
And now in the end
I understand Hell is paradise
Track Name: Almost Living (but not dead yet)
Almost living (but not dead yet)

Among the ones who close their eyes on me
Among the fools who cannot hear me speak
And all of those who point their fingers at me
They’re almost living, they’re almost dead
They’ll never know that once I tamed the fear
I felt the cold death crawling down my spine
I worshipped the black Lord, I spilled the blood

I walked along the tunnel
Crossed the pure and blinding white light
I’ve been there to find that Eternity was just a lie

I burned each cross raised upon my path
I hated every male and loved every female
I planted the seeds which poisoned the ground
I made the apples rot in the Garden of Eden

I woke a dead sun and made it shine
As a billion of sparks
My vision sees beyond ultraviolet
And beyond infrared
Track Name: Men to the Slaughter (reprise)
Men to the slaughter (reprise)

And if it remains just you and me
Both alive among the casualties
Will you ask me on your bended knees
To write another history?
Or will you be clever enough and see
It is also time for us to leave?

And if it remains just you and me
Both alive among the casualties
Will you ask me on your bended knees
To write another history?
No, it is time now for us to leave...