Elements of Disorder

by Wedding in Hades



"The debut album of a young French band. The music of the group varies from slow majestic passages to extremal fast fragments overcoming the frames of gothic/doom metal. Lyrical piano fragments and atmospheric keyboards, harsh blastbits, clean and growl vocals have found their place in Wedding In Hades music.«Elements Of Disorder» combined elements of My Dying Bride and Katatonia with their own vision of dark and extremal metal".
Solitude Productions - solitude-prod.com

Total running time: 48:22
Label: BadMoodMan Music (BMM029-10)

S.Toutain: Vocals & Bass
V.Lahaeye: Drums & Backing Vocals on "Doomed"
O.Raoult: Keyboards
D.Simon: Guitars

Additional Musician: Nethy - female vocals on "Widow"


released February 27, 2010



all rights reserved


Wedding in Hades Saint Brieuc, France

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Track Name: Safety
Surrounded by
The walls of my soul
Safety is where I’m on my own

Like a mother breast
Warm and still
In silence I would hear her heart beat

From the depth of my soul
I’m wounded by fear
Like a blade on my skin sink in deep

Don’t follow my footsteps
They don’t lead anywhere
I walk a lonely path on my own

My body lays bare
I close my eyes
Until I’m locked inside myself

I wish for just one time
Just for once
I could stand inside your shoes
Track Name: As You Die
Under the Sun
Under the stars
Wasted moments
Lost in time

But who’s to blame?
Who has turned his head?
A fever that grows inside
Forever haunting our mind

You felt stranger into this world
Struggling through waves of acid rain
Facing icy winds
Fighting walls of fire
Breathing deadly air
Broken bones and burning flesh
Death was just the only gift
You’ve expected from this life

Where you dwell
You feel no pain
All is forgiven
You dry your tears
Forget your fears

Does anyone knew?
Has anybody seen it, too?
And was I blind?
Or was I weak?

As you died
Track Name: Centuries of Men
A world of darkness
Where death surrounds us
Our guiding light
No longer shines
A life in black
Through an endless night
No hope in sight

The songs of angels
Died again
In pain forever
We must dwell

Drowning ourselves into eternal rivers of blood
Crying an suffering for the sins that we have done

Black king of death returns taking the shape of god
The wise and the fool and the strong and the weak will obey
Now the serpent keeps crawling through the maze of my soul
Centuries of men disappear in an immense decay
Track Name: Widow
The flames on the grave
Will set our love free
A love beyond death
No mortal can see
The ring around your finger
Stuck eternally
A wedding in Hades
Is destined to be

We’re on our knees
Track Name: Doomed
Crying your name
Reminds things

Your mind has gone away, black hole

Beware, run away
Here comes death

Staring at the clock ticking again
Counting the time that we are left
There’s no God above to contemplate your pain
Nor a stronger wind able to dry your tears
Now your dreams and hopes are lost in your nightmares
Every day and night you waste your time in Hell

Buried, your soul has been doomed

We are shadows
We’re insane, we’re fools
All the nights we spent
Wandering together
All for one and one for all
Now I’m one for the two of us
My shoulders carry your burden
Every time you fail
And my lies will whistle
At you ears too closed to hear
Through the life we struggle
Without you I can’t share my pain

I fall away, as you fall away

All my prayers fade away
Will never rise again
I would carry your soul
Lift it up to the sky
Tear your feet off the ground
Set you free from your life
If only I had the right....
Track Name: A Dark Sea (Signaculum Domini)
His words were said
The words of the weak
That some of them heard

He thought he could change
The heart of men
Turn a foe into a friend

With sorrow and pain
By whom was he driven?
Madness or God?

And all you’ve been taught
Is pray and bow
Down to a cross

On the altar he stares
At the blood-stained sky
Unable to stop now
The living hell below his eyes

Holy blood was all spilled
A dark sea is flowing
All over a dry land where
Divided men forever stand

Prophets of doom and of hypocrisy
Contemplate the agony
Washing away all the sins that they’ve done
With the tears of mankind

Drowned into a dark sea